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Ruth Nazarian facilitating KALI energy session with a group of people lying on yoga mats
KALI is a powerful energy-healing modality that combines Heart Radiance, Kundalini Activation and Light Codes. This combination gently activates the movement of life force energy within the body. As the energy moves through the body, it clears energetic blocks and opens energy channels and chakras. The goal of KALI sessions is to help you release, move beyond layers of fear and pain, heal unhealthy patterns and habits, leading to transformation. Are you ready to LIGHTEN UP and SHINE?
Release - As we release fears, limiting beliefs and trauma, we may experience somatic release causing spontaneous body movements and/or emotions. With deeply rooted blocks removed, balance is restored and energy can flow freely through our energetic bodies promoting the healing of our mind, body and spirit.
Open Energy Channels - Our heart opens, allowing for more compassion for ourselves and others. Our mind opens allowing for more clarity, intuition and a knowing of our purpose. Our creativite channels open and we feel more confident expressing our true selves. Our connection to our Higher Self opens and we may have profound realizations, which may open the door for spiritual growth and higher states of consciousness.

Awareness - Opening and balancing our energy system, awakens us to our true self. We may feel more connected to our body, have more emotional self-awareness and experience deep connections to others. As awareness unfolds, we experience more understanding and clarity. 

Kundalini Activation - KALI Energy Flow ignites the kundalini awakening process. Kundalini energy is present in all humans and is also referred to as life force, chi, prana, divine power and cosmic force. It is the energy force that animates us and connects us to all things. In this process, we tap into our own powerful and unlimited inner energy to help us unblock our energy channels, release emotional baggage and become our truest Self.


Relax & Receive - During a KALI session, a facilitator works with energy, light and the power of sound and vibration to guide you on a transformative inner journey. Participants lie on a mat, close their eyes, relax and receive. The more the participant is able to surrender, the deeper the experience.


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